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Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Get Ex Girlfriend Back She Probably Does Not Mean to Break Up

You know the emotions that runs through women are overloaded as compared to guys right. And these emotions make women very dramatic. You definitely know your girl more than me, but usually they say or do things that they do not mean to. Don't be surprised to learn that three quarters of most break ups are initiated by women.And those break ups initially was not interned to end up with a break up. Some times they are just being Drama Queens.

Why is this important?

This is important to consider because if you do not handle your break up the right way you may lose your girlfriend for ever.Like I said you know your girl better so you most have known or at Least seen some of the signs of  a Drama Queen before trying the following tips.

So here is how to get your Drama Queen back

Keeping away from her for a while, giving her some space. If her initial intention was not to end up in the situation that you guys are in now, then there is a high probability that, giving her some space would cause her to start missing you. She  will start missing some of the things you used to do together,like cuddling or going to the clubs and hanging out with other friends.This way she will learn how life is without you. By giving her this time out you are directly or indirectly sending her a clear message and that message is simple you can move on without her.

I know it is hard, you probably will be dying to make up with her, but you have to stay your course,stay calm, and focus on the program.

Here is where it starts getting a little difficult if not confusing.The question at this stage is;

How can one get her back by shorting Out completely?

By the way, by "shorting out" I mean all those dramatic gestures like sending her flowers, letters, emails, texts or trying to be her Romeo by standing under her window to sing her a love song like what some guys have tried and failed.No don't do that just cut out and stay that way simple.

You can actually use this strategy as your plan "A".There are, however, situations where the girl holds her grown and does not call or contact you, what do you do next? Well, it is time then to take control of the situation like a man head on.

If after about a week and she still hadn't called you, Then it is time for you to make a move by initiating a contact.Now you have to be careful with this step. You have to casually ask her how things are going on with her through the Email or text. Make sure you keep things unemotional that is at a low profile.You want her to think you are just being concerned as a friend.

In certain cases this doesn't get things moving, but do not give up because here is where it really starts getting really fun.It is time to start showing some concern, by either calling her at about once a week,or connecting with her through her Facebook wall.You might also occasionally show up in areas where you think she is sure to hang out.But do not bug her or stalk her as some guys would be tempted to do.

The next step is working and will keep on working.

Most girls turn to connect their relationship and emotions very deeply, In ways that just leave the guys some times doom founded.This type of situations often arises from the dates of those very special moments you both usually have.  Try to remember the important dates in her life. Send her a card or small gift on her birthday, so she knows you are thinking about her during the day that belongs to her. If you have a meaningful anniversary, you might want to drop her a note telling her what it means to you. But keep it short and sweet.

There is a famous saying in west Africa that goes like this "You can take a camel to the stream, but you cannot force that camel to drink water". So also are the cases that really does not apply as this strategy indicates.Putting in action is what will help you know the truth. Now if after about a month or so she is not showing any signs of getting back with you then it is time to start considering to move on.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hard but powerful Tips on Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Most guys whose girlfriends have dumped them think they do not stand a chance to get their girlfriend back without begging or apologizing for things they did or did not do. If you are one of those, then you have fallen into the same mess I did a few years back when my girlfriend walked out on me. So you really do not have to put yourself down because of that. It is actually quite normal, that is the reaction of most guys when they first experience a break up.

What is important however is what you will be doing after reading this post. My guess is 90% of what you are doing right now to get her back is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing and your actions are only fuelling the blazing fire of reasons why she dumped you in the first place.

Here's are some tips that would help show you what you should be doing instead:

Staying cool and focus after the break up;

Let's take a look at this scenario, there was a fight between you two, you yelled she did as well and she ended up making a statement like "I do not want to see your face ever again" and she finally slammed the door and walked out on you.

At first, in your mind it was just another fight and she will be coming back. But once the dust had settled, you started really feeling you've lost her like forever. What usually happens next is, panic sets in and You start doing what all of us usually do when we break up for the first time, calling her every day, sending one sms or email after another. You basically end up being a stalker before you even realize it.

You see, Contacting your ex after a break-up is obvious, but doing it the right way is what really matters. For a start you should know that no woman in her right mind will encourage anyone stalking her so that is a big NO...NO. What you should be doing instead is to stay calm, collect your thoughts and then try contacting her a few times. If she refuses to respond, then it is time to take it to the next step.

The next step is talking to her friends (I bet it is not what you wanted to hear). This is what many guys would avoid doing after a break up and I agree to some extent. You might even be thinking right now that impressing your ex's friends was hard enough when you were still going out with her, now that you guys have broken up and she probably have told her friends what a jerk you were makes it even difficult to approach them.

Trust me, when it comes to getting back your ex, her friends are exactly the people you need to be talking to.This is because they are the ones who can easily convince her. If you can get a little sympathy from them by telling them your own side of the story, the next time she mentions your name, they will definitely throw in a word or two in your favor

Moving On!

Let us be real, Must guys tern to let themselve go when they are feeling depressed.They start wearing the same clothes for several days in a row, they stop shaving their hair for a little too long.They do all these things thinking their ex might notice it and have some sympathy, No..No..No.This is exactly what you should not be doing.

I know it is really hard, but your ex girlfriend will not have any sympathy instead she might think as well as her friends that without her you are really a pig or worst still not worth going out with.What you should be doing is carrying on with your life as before,better still engage in other positive activities like going to the gym,intarcting with your friends.All these will make you feel better about your self and might even make her think on the other hand that she might have been the one holding you back from shinning.All that will make her also think you are actually some one worth going out with.

Being Open and truthful

Whenever next you have the opportunity to talk to her, you have to know what to say to her.Make sure part of what you are going to say includes explaining openly and truthfully what you were thinking when you had the fight that led to the breaking up.

Now I will admit, this is a hard one.If left to me no one would ever know I had a single problem in my life, but in reality, though, You will be better off admitting truthfully what your real problem was than covering it up.

It will be much easier getting your girlfriend back by keeping yourself respect and tackling the problem head on. Be cool and honest about what really caused the split and before you know, you will be on your way to  reconciling with your babes.