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Monday, July 12, 2010

How to get back the woman you love even if you are a loser

If you were a loser(jerk ass) to your woman, you got dumped and now you are trying to get her back, here is an advise for you, "you do not deserve her".As much as you may not like to hear that, it may just be the  trueth.So now what are you going to do about it and why do you thing she might  want you back? Until you figure those things out you may never get back the woman you love and the bad news is you will always be rejected or dumped by other women.

How ever I have a good news for you today, below are some tips to help you get back the woman you love, if you are willing to do almost any thing to get her back.
1)    Women are not properties as some men turn to look at them.Any man who considers women as properties do not deserve them in the first place.So you have to change the way you look at women.When you start considering your woman as a person who deserves respect and you are willing to do your best to give her that respect then you might have another chance.To truthfully love a woman you need to respect them.

2)Be a gentleman and treat your woman as a queen for that is what they are "Queens".Now you have to be careful here and not just fake it because she will notice and you will fall back to that category that she considered you before(being a loser). If you can pull this off , then you will   improve your chances of getting her back. Be subtle about it and try not to draw attention.She will quickly notice it. Women are very smart and if she doesn’t notice she will have a friend notice and tell her.

3) Admit to her that you were a Loser(jerk ass) before,even if she tells you that you are one, just agree with her. Even if she exaggerates it, always remember that to her it isn’t exaggeration and the only person's opinion that really matters at that point in time is hers. You become the seller and she the buyer and you are trying to get her to buy(the customer is always right, right?) Your goal is to get woman back.

4)    Do some digging around from those who know her or are close to her and find out what she wants and give it to her.It might be some space or that you come begging.She may find out and even think that your efforts to try out are worth giving you a second thought.

5)    Try and convince her friends that you are changed. You will have to do this first. They will be skeptical of you and will be most interested in protecting their friend that you hurt. If you can win her friends then you have won the major part of the battle. If you try and get her back first, you will have trouble convincing her and even if you do, they may talk her out of it. Do you want her trusted friends for you or against you?

6)    Actions speak louder than words right so don’t tell her that you have changed, show her. Words are great but it doesn’t mean anything unless there is some action to back it up. You need more than words.

7)    Remember that these changes are not just to win her back and then flosh them out of your system after getting her because she will notice after a while and flush you too out of her system.When this happens you will end up in the same place you are now but only with a much more smaller chance to get woman back.


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