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Monday, July 5, 2010

Can Positive Thinking Get My Ex Back After A Breakup

Loosing the one you love through a difficult breakup can lead most people to try just about anything to stop the pain of getting their ex back.So if you have tried just about all you can and you are still wondering how to get your love one back then this post is for you.

There is no doubt that the effect of positive thinking can impact your daily life.Using the process of thinking positively to get your ex back seems like a logical next step.However it is not the do all, end all you may have head.There is definitely more to it than just the thinking part.
Using positive thinking to make that desired change in your life, you need two things ;To picture what you want and to take specific actions to make that want a reality.

Actually just sitting and day dreaming about getting your ex back would not do you any good.However thinking about getting your ex back and taking positive steps to make it happen will be more likely to work.

Now the problem is what positive steps should you be taking?Answering this question is usually were most people mess up,they end up taking a lot of action but it is all the wrong kinds of actions.Take for example constantly calling , sending text massages and may be emailing your ex will be considered a wrong kind of action.All that will accomplish nothing but a restraining order.
You should understand that no one is attracted to a clingy, weepy, desperate person and your ex won't be either. So what you should do is take a step back and spend some time working on You.When I say working on you I do not mean changing who you are for your ex, no! rather take a good look at those areas in your life that could use a little change of attitude. This is first for you not for her.

The trick about doing this is all you, make a better person of your self while making time for your ex to miss you and remember why he/she fell in love with you in the first place.
That way no matter what happens, whether you get back together or not, you will have grown as a person and will have more to offer whomever you find yourself in a relationship with.
Now getting back to our question can positive thinking get your ex back?.....Sort of .If you remember that positive thinking is only step one of a two step method.So the absolute best chance of accomplishing your goal of getting back your love one is sticking with both steps


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