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Friday, July 9, 2010

Where Dose Thought of Getting her back comes?/How To Get Her Back

Let us assume you are one of those whose relationship have been depreciating for some time now,in fact for so long that you can not even remember how many years ago.May be it is so bad that you have even forgotten your anniversary date.Each time you are coming up with excuses of work schedule and making flippant promises to make good but they never materialize.who cares about anniversaries now-a-days any ways?,It is so bad that you need to pay some money if possible  just to rescue your relationship. Some times those back-slapping buddies of yours convince you that forgetting the 10 anniversary is cool. Does all this sound familiar to you?

Even if you realize that your wife has been crying out loud how she is being taken for granted,how she is not appreciated,how the relationship is one sided and so on, but all you could do is ignoring her.why should you not ,after all you have heard it all before!

Now that the mistake has been made, you start thinking and deliberating on all what had happened but you still can not figure out why she left you.So let me ask a question here how are the relationships of your ass scratching block headed friends?....Hmmn,I thought so too.Of-cause they are either divorced,broken up or sad singles  rocking some alcoholic  snifter instead of holding the sweet soft skin of their partners silky cheeks between their hands.So here is the big question,"How is the advice of your friends and your previous approach to relationship working for you???!"

The answer to that question is obvious It is not working, is it?Let me guess, as soon as she left you,you called all your friends and off you went for drinking to celebrate your freedom.Every thing was find for the first few hours until you got home and found an empty unmade bed,the overflowing trash and crumpled shirt and trousers still in need of ironing.That is when the reality hits you like a cold queerly slap on the forehead.You have been dumped plane and simple.

At this point it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for you to admit you are lost without her so you "brave"it out for a few more days.There is this huge hole in your life that she used to occupy and it was only after she had gone that you realized her importance in your life.It is only then that you suddenly start seeing her like any other horny guy out there sees and then it hits you that you had one "Good Looking Cocky".So what happens next is you start looking for ways to get her back  fast! Well now is when you really need to take a long hard look at what you did that made her to leave you.This is where the thought of getting her back begins.


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